What Gets You Excited About Life? [TableTopic #4]

This blog post is part of a regular series where I answer TableTopics questions. What's in it for you? Reading this answer may spark a new idea, opinion, or emotion. If this happens I would love to hear about it in the comments!!!

For me, this question is synonymous with both ‘what are you passionate about?’, and ‘what do you find meaningful?’ Because when I pursue my passions or do things I find meaningful, then life is pretty damn exciting.

I used to say that travel was the thing that makes me most excited about life. And to a certain extent that’s still true. However I now know with certainty that flying across the world, and then bouncing from place to place does not make me very excited.

Before I moved to Bali from Canada, I thought that I would probably stay on the island for a few months and then jet off to another place in Asia. The beaches on Thailand looked amazing, and I was keen to buy a scooter and ride across Vietnam. However once I arrived in Bali I stayed. I didn’t even move to a different town from the one I first stayed in.

So while I did travel to Bali, I didn’t do much traveling after I arrived. Why? Because building community around things I love to do became way more rewarding than flying to Thailand where I would once again be an anonymous traveler.

In Bali I also gave myself the time to develop passions. I started doing yoga, became addicted to handstands, and fell in love with acro-yoga. But I did all of these activities with other people.

So I’m clearly excited about life when I pursue my passions with other like minded people who care about me.

There are also times where I enjoy being alone, particularly when I’m sitting on top of two wheels and an engine. This makes me excited all over. However I also know that if I ever go on a multi-month long distance motorcycle trip, I will be much happier if I’m with a group of other adventure riders.

I also find life exciting when I do things that I find meaningful. This blog is an example of that. I actually feel physically high every time I publish a new blog post. The reason being that discovering what I think through writing is a very powerful, and important thing for me to experience each day.

Many other people I know find meaning in their work, or from supporting Syrian refugees, or by being a climate change activist.

Lastly, I know that for myself I’m best able to be excited about life when other needs are met. If I’m uncertain about my future, or stressed about money, then it’s difficult to be excited about life. Going on a motorcycle ride usually makes me feel better, but there are basic needs which I need to meet in order to consistently feel excited about life.

Ultimately, I think that feeling excited about life requires a certain frame of mind.

If you approach life with the intention of feeling excited about it (as my mom does), then you will probably find good reason to feel that way! The opposite is also true. If you look at life as a big burden, then it probably doesn’t matter what you do. There will always be a reason to not feel excited about life.

This can all be turned into an equation:

pursuing passions + meaningful activities + choosing to feel excited about life = excitement about life

In conclusion, please send me a message if you ever want to get together and go for a motorcycle ride 😎

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