What Do You Wish You Spent More Time Doing Five Years Ago? [TableTopic #6]

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I really wish I spent more time driving Ferrari's on sun drenched roads. That would have been awesome, and who knows what that would've led to!

Other than that, I wish I spent more time pursuing passion projects with like minded people. Five years ago I was in University working towards my undergraduate degree. I worked hard, and put good grades above almost everything else. I isolated in order to achieve the results I wanted.

This was not healthy. And although I did well in school, it came at a big cost socially.

I think being in University was a good path for me, even though the day to day of being a student was not very fulfilling. I did develop a number of skills which serve me today (writing, analysis, research, etc). However I pushed people away, and often made myself unavailable. In my mind this was fine, because I thought that I always had to study.

I did pursue some passion projects on my own, and I’m glad I did those because they developed additional skills to those I was developed in University.

On numerous occasions I tried to create a reliable (and profitable) formula for betting on baseball games. I also learned how to memorize a deck of cards after reading Moonwalking With Einstein. It was also around this time that I started building websites, and experimenting with different ways to make money online. I built a site called DeWalt Tools Review, and I still earn money from it today!

The thing is, I think that these passion projects could have transformed into something much bigger had I tried to bring other people onboard. Instead I sat alone at home, or in the corner of my school’s library.

I now know that my grades were not nearly as important as I made them out to be. Since I graduated, nobody has asked to look at my transcript. I would have gotten way more out of my time at university if I was more willing to spend time on passion projects with other people.

While this is still something I struggle with, I’ve come a long way compared to five years ago.

I recently created an online video course with a friend that teaches people how to handstand. And since returning to Canada from Bali I’ve decided that I will either find a job where I work with other like minded people, or start a business with the direct support from local business mentors.

The one thing I try not to do is regret how I lived my life five years ago. I needed to live the way I did in order to discover a new, and better path.

Five years ago I was completely willing to make the end justify the means. However this is an impossibility in life, because ‘the end’ never arrives. There is always a ‘new end’ to achieve, until we die. The only thing which exists is the means, a way living day to day.

Yes, I still have many things I want to achieve. However I’m much less willing to sacrifice today for a tomorrow that may never come.

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