What Can You Do Today That You Were Not Capable Of A Year Ago? [TableTopic #10]

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Just over a year ago I arrived in Bali. At the time I had only ever done one Yoga class, and I was hopeless when it came to handstands. Today I am able to do many Yoga poses, and I'm quite comfortable standing on my hands.

I'm the handstander in the white t-shirt :)

I'm the handstander in the white t-shirt :)

These new skills can be summed up by saying that I have way more body awareness than I did a year ago. But why? What led me to being able to stand on my hands anytime anywhere? I think this is the more interesting question.

I think the answer is that when I arrived in Bali I knew no one, and I needed an activity which would allow me to quickly make friends with coo people. 

The town I moved to in Bali, Ubud, is a Yoga mecca. So the obvious thing to do was start practicing Yoga. And I definitely didn't plan on making Yoga a big part of my life.

In many ways I was open to any experience that presented itself. 

The first few months of doing Yoga I didn't meet many people. However I kept at it because I began to notice both physical and mental benefits. I felt calmer, happier, and more resilient. 

But it wasn't until I started Acro Yoga that I became committed to the practice. Not only did I find Acro super fun, but I also made many dear friends. It was also at this time that I was inspired to start practicing handstands.

I practiced Yoga or Acro Yoga every single day. I became addicted to body movement. However this never would've happened without the supportive community around me in Bali.

Now that I'm back in Canada I still feel a very strong desire to practice yoga and handstands. Although I practice alone now, I would never have reached my current level without the community I developed in Bali.

So while I'm now good at handstands, I think the real skill I learned is how to use community for increasing passion and accelerating learning. Handstands are very cool, but having friends who both teach and motivate you is even cooler. 

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