The Perfect Day At The Beach In 25 Photos

Imagine your perfect day at the beach. Let's start with how you get there. Would you take a classic VW van?

Or maybe you live super close and prefer to take your bike.

Bike at beach.JPG

Once you arrive, what do you see? Is it a huge white sand beach?

Sandy Beach.JPG

Or a rocky black sand beach?

Or maybe you prefer a beach with millions of smooth, round stones that you can skip over the surface of the ocean.

Once you've decided on the type of beach, what physical features SURROUND the beach? Are there Palm trees?

or maybe you feel the call of the Mountains.

and what kind of animals will you see? Seagulls?

Or perhaps some tenticaly Jelly Fish!

Of course, this all depends on what part of the world you chose. Maybe you want to experience the azure waters of Thailand.

Or Greece

Or could it be that California is calling your name?

And perhaps most importantly, what will you do during your perfect day at the beach? Drinking beer and bathing in the sun could be pretty great!

Maybe you're a bit more adventurous and you want to go surfing.

Or maybe you have a fascination with the underwater world. You put on your BCD and strap an oxygen tank to your back for a scuba adventure.

Perhaps equally important is the time of day you go to the beach. Each part of the day has a different vibe. Be it early morning


Beach noon.jpg

Or night.

Of course, the other important consideration is if you should go alone

Or with friends and family.

Wow!!! did you think you would need to make alll those decisions about your perfect day at the beach?

Well you did. Great job! But perhaps the most important question is about your role in taking care of our beaches and oceans.

Simple things like Picking up trash makes a huge difference.

And in general, reducing your carbon footprint, eating sustainable seafood, and using fewer plastic products ensures that we can all enjoy those perfect days at the beach for years to come.

Want to do even more? I highly recommend that you support mission Blue. They do amazing work in establishing marine protected areas.

Thank-you for diving to the very bottom of this post! Please share it, and leave a comment to let me know what your perfect day at the beach looks like.

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Lastly, a special thanks to Unsplash for supplying all the images in this post.