My New Overly Ambitious Blog Series

I miss writing. When I started this blog in October 2014 I was full of energy and ideas. At the time I was not only planning my great escape to Bali, but also a new way of life. It was the perfect time to start a blog.

Since then I have failed as a blogger. I've done an embarrassingly small amount of writing for someone whose Twitter bio says "Entrepreneur, writer, traveler, addicted to handstands." Prior to my recent A Recap Of 2015 + How Bali Changed Me post, the last thing I wrote for this blog was in June 2015 (it may be the case that I want to be a writer more than I actually want to write)!

In order to address this discrepancy I've decided to embark on an overly ambitious blogging odyssey. I plan to post one blog post a day, five days a week in which I answer a question from TableTopics.

If you're not familiar with TableTopics, they are a series of cards with different questions that you can use to jumpstart an intimate conversation. According to Amazon, "TableTopics is a gracious host's best friend. These engaging questions inspire the best kinds of conversation."

In total, I have a list of 365 questions. At my current output that should keep me busy for a few decades. However my best hope is get through all of them within a year and a half.

Why Do I Want To Answer 365 TableTopics Questions?

There are two main reasons for this...

1) I like being asked questions. I'm not 100% certain why, I just enjoy it. Maybe it's because I feel valued when someone asks me a probing, intimate questions. However in this case I'm forcing myself to answer someone else's question that was not even written specifically for me 😭. Nevertheless, I still get to answer an interesting question on a daily basis.

2) As Kevin Kelly says, "It's like I don't have any ideas. It's true. But when I write, I get the ideas." I feel the same way. So this is an exercise for me to come up with ideas, and actually use my brain to formulate thought. Hopefully this will help me become a more productive member of society, as well as reduce the likelihood of getting dementia one day.

I would love for you to follow along as I write this series! You can expect to find a new post at 6am PST every Tuesday & Saturday. The best way to keep updated is to subscribe to my newsletter (just scroll to the bottom of this page) below this post. I will send one email per week with a weekly roundup.

Lastly, thanks for reading my blog! Your support means the world to me.

For the full list of questions + answers go to this post: 365 TableTopics Questions + Answers