This Blog Does Not Need To Exist - My First Post

I have a deep conviction that this blog does not need to exist. There are currently around 76 million WordPress blogs alone, many of which publish exciting, enthralling, and evocative content on the daily. There is hardly a niche left to be probed, and hardly a point of view or piece of advice that hasn’t already been explored ad nauseam.

So why bother adding my voice to this tidal wave of text? Surely one should only write if they have something truly novel and useful to say. The last thing I want to do is write for writing’s sake.

The writers who I enjoy reading most are brutally honest about themselves and their experiences. In my opinion, this is the only thing a writer must do. This essential quality is what makes a story original, timeless, and ultimately worth reading.

With that said, being brutally honest without insight into one’s environment or place in the world is hardly superior to the absence of words (if not worse). As such, my primary goal is to write as honestly and vividly as possible about the experiences and people whom I come across.

My second goal, although no less important in my mind, is to live an interesting life. As the aphorism goes, ‘interesting writers live interesting lives.’ In addition to writing about my own experiences, I will also include resources for travelers and entrepreneurs as these are areas in which I feel I can provide significant value.

This blog cannot possibly present an idea, argument, or historical occurrence in a superior way to the multitude of great writers and thinkers already in the world. It can only present my own infatuation, curiosity, and often awe struck wonder of the beautiful people and places that inhabit this world. My hope is that I will be able to express these encounters and my own ideas in a way that engrosses the reader, and does justice to the subjects.

I have decided to use the idea that ‘this blog does not need to exist’ as a challenge to myself. If I can fulfill my stated goals herein, then I will have created something of value that deserves to exist.

I will use this first post to guide all future writing on this site. The barrier to success, at least in my mind, is now set sufficiently high to ensure alluring and quality content from here on out. Now that you know where my head is at I invite you to come along for the ride. I promise to do my level best to make this blog a rewarding reading experience.

— Zachary Kyra-Derksen