A Recap of 2015 + How Bali Changed Me

2015 was a transformational year for me. It began with going to the wedding of my best friend's sister in Colombia. It was a beautiful few weeks, and I'll never forget the love and joy I experienced at that ceremony.

Sadly, a week after the wedding a cousin of mine died in the Peruvian Amazon. I immediately booked a flight from Bogota to Puerto Maldonado to help my cousin's mother and sister return her body to Canada. You can read about that experience here - The Dangers of Ayahuasca, Mapacho & Shamanism.

After the ordeal in Peru I returned to Canada for a week before departing on a one way flight to Bali. This was a seminal moment in my life, the achievement of a life long dream.

Since I was a child I fantasized about living in the tropics under a palm tree. I know this to be true because I painted a stick figure of me with my arms in the air on my closet door when I was 10.

I ended up living in Bali for 10 months, and It was one of the most exciting and rewarding times of my life. I'm so glad that I did it.

My original reason for going was so that I could be around other entrepreneurially minded, location independent people. In my Googling I found a co-working space called Hubud that is filled with exactly these type of people. I went there every day for about three months, after which I began working from home.

I started a lot of projects while there, however the most exciting one is an online handstand video course called Frontlegs. I co-created it with one of my best friends in Bali, a guy I met while doing acro-yoga. In addition to learning how to shoot, edit, and write content for a video course, I also learned that I feed off of working with others. Most of my projects in the past have been solo, and this is just the wrong way for me to go about doing things. 

After 10 months in Bali I returned to Canada. While I didn't succeed in creating a business that can support me financially, I did discover many new parts of myself, as well as what makes me intensely happy - good friends, body movement, and motorbikes.

Going to Bali was the best decision of my life. I would wake up most days feeling incredibly happy and blessed. I learned how to do rock solid handstands, discovered Ayurvedic medicine, and I doubled my number of close friendships.

The life changing business is still to come, and I'm okay with that. My life has changed in so many magnificent ways that I couldn't even imagine before leaving for Bali. In many ways, I feel way richer than I did before my time in Bali. And yes, being financially successful is still something that I would love to be.

My aim for this next chapter of my life is to achieve the financial success I want, and to maintain the joy and love for life that I found in Bali.

Most of all, I just want to continue to have gratitude for the life I live. I will die one day, and life is just too damn short to behave any other way.