Hi! My name is Zachary Kyra-Derksen. I am an entrepreneur, writer, traveler, & addicted to handstands. Scroll down to learn more about me, what I can do for you, and to contact me.

Picture taken during my semester abroad in Boston.


Ever since I started University in 2006 I've been creating things online, and co-founding businesses with people I find interesting. Here are a few highlights.

My first big online project was a site called DeWalt Tools Review. I learned a lot about SEO from this project, and Amazon has been sending me cheques from tool sales for the past 6 years.

In 2010 I created a personal development company with a family member called Living Big Events. While I'm not active in the company anymore, I was successful both in building a membership base and marketing funnel. I also learned how to create deeper and more meaningful relationships!

In 2015 when I lived in Bali I co-created Frontlegs, an online video course that teaches people how to handstand. I developed the course material, shot and edited the video lessons, and wrote all content on the website.

Right now I'm building a newsletter marketing company called Every Lion Marketing. I build newsletters around different niches, and I sell advertising space within each newsletter. My biggest newsletter is Elon Musk News.

I am a person who enjoys creating, and I get excited by working with likeminded individuals!


Like travel, writing is something that I've always done. It is a medium where I am able to both express my creativity, as well as my thought processes. This blog was birthed out of a desire to write more and share my thoughts. While in University (I studied Communications & Political Science) I honed my skills as a writer, and learned the technical components of good writing. More recently I learned how to write effectively effectively for online audiences from the online marketers I met in Bali, Indonesia.


I've been to 23 countries, and in December 2015 I returned to Canada after a year of living in Bali. These experiences had a great impact on how I see the world, and the person I am. While I am a traveler at heart, I also enjoying being at home in Vancouver, Canada.


I wouldn't have an online video course for handstands if I didn't adore them! I practice every day.


I really like to try things and to tinker. Here is a sampling of the cool things I've made. I'm also available for hire! As you will see I have experience with a variety of mediums and platforms.


I pride myself at being able to quickly build websites that are beautiful, responsive, and user friendly for visitors as well as the website administrator. I have experience with Wordpress, although the platform where I have the most expertise is Squarespace.


I've designed a lot of different things over the years. From flyers to websites to image quotes and even t-shirts. Here is a small sample of t-shirts I've sold using Facebook ads.

And here is a small sample of image quotes that I created for my Travel Quotes page on Facebook (it has nearly 200K followers).


Beautiful photographs are something that I have appreciated and admired for a long time! While I don't take as many photos as I would like, I do take great pleasure in capturing beautiful moments. Here are a few photos & videos from my Instagram feed.


Writing is something I really enjoy. Here are a few samples.

Social Media Marketing

I have experience building and managing social media accounts. Here are a few accounts that I created, and actively manage.


Linkedin | Twitter | FacebookInstagram

I'm available for hire to work on projects both big and small. I'm also available if you just want to say hi 😎

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